Best Privacy Protection App for Android

Fear of losing your private stuff whenever you go online? Try this VPN.

Virtual Private Network

A VPN will help you stay safe and secure online by keeping all your stuff private without being accessed by any other source. Internet is always influenced by various viruses and you never know how when you will be affected by it. Being a victim of scam and losing all your important information including your card, bank account details will be very disheartening because it involves your hard earned money in it.

So how does this VPN works and helps you to stay safe online, basically VPN acts as a safe tunnel between your PC and all the destined locations you browse into. Once you start browsing your pc connects to the VPN server and you will be “inside the tunnel” and it will be very difficult for anyone to spy on all your web browsing activity.


Yoga VPN stand out for their more secure quality and protects the network traffic under WIFI –hotspot which prevents from anonymous tracking. This is a premium application but you can start off with free trail which is very easy to use and one touch to connect with the VPN proxy server. Yoga VPN offers for more than 10 different regions around the world and includes more than 500 proxy serves with some great efforts on the software front. Its best features include impressive speed and the software is highly user friendly specially designed keeping beginners in mind. It is very handy for travelers who use public Wi-Fi networks. It consists of unlimited bandwidth which gives us a chance to unblock reaching sites super-fast. Sometimes some of the VPN fail to protect DNS queries even when the rest of rest of the traffic is protected, resulting in DNS leaks. Yoga VPN is configured in such a way, that it will protect from the DNS leaks. An outstanding feature of the Yoga VPN for all the android 5.0 and above user is that it supports specified app agents, where the proxy servers can be enabled based on the app specified.

So what are you waiting for “TRY IT NOW”
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