Feel free to use any trail rooms and newly booked hotel rooms safely!!

The most disgusting fear for many in using trail rooms is about the hidden cameras. Very often we get to hear that there are hidden cameras in trial rooms which make it really unsafe for women to make use of it. the Premium Android Application Here Most of the hotel rooms booked including few of the five star hotels is not safe enough to be used just because of the fear of hidden cameras. Now the technology has become smaller and cheaper, it’s easy to install hidden cameras anywhere.

That’s when we would look for options to trace the hidden cameras or at least confirm whether there is a hidden camera or not. This is when this premium application comes for rescue which helps to detect or scans and lets us know if there are any hidden cameras available around.

his application makes use of the magnetic activity available around the phones. In the event of magnetic activity appears to be that of a camera it raises an alert or beep and if detected we could be alerted and makes use of simple methods available such as to send current location to friends in case of emergency.

he simple concept this application uses is that it senses the magnetic action in light of readings from magnetic sensor of the android phone. The moment the alert message is popped up stating a camera being detected makes us be aware and to do what needs to be done. Just one Click to Download the app This application will be very helpful for most of them especially for women who always have trouble trying dresses in trails rooms due to the fear of cameras being hidden.

This premium application helps them to track and check for hidden cameras before trying for dresses in any trial room at any clothing store. Try this application and get the best of it which is indeed very useful and much needed.
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