How To Find Your Stolen Mobiles

How to find your stolen mobiles using the IMEI number Did you lose your mobile and is unable to search it. Stop a while don’t really need to think about it anymore. It’s the IMEI technology which would let you find your android mobile the easiest way you can. This is indeed an inexpensive app that you can use automatically as well as secretly connect to the mobile that will detect and extract the IMEI number to the cell phone by entering the telephone number of the device into the app. After the remote connection being established the app is going to collect the data like that of text messages, call data, photos, videos face book messages and again more and more. This is going to use the IMEI number of the mobile to track its location as long as the app is set into the device. 

All about IMEI

This stands for international mobile station equipment identity. This is a 15 digit number which is specific and unique to the mobile phone. It works as like a spyware for the cell phones and can be used to find a phone when it’s lost or being stolen. 

How to find it

To locate the IMEI number it might differ depending on the mobile device you carry. But there is a common process which you can follow. This goes like:-
  • Move to the settings. 
  • Click on the general
  • Click on the about 
  • Scroll down to the IMEI and write down your number. 
Finding the android IMEI

In this first method, the process goes on like;-
  • Checking the back of the cell phone for the IMEI tracking number. If it is not there then you can move to the setting. 
  • Next scroll down to the about us portion of the phone. 
  • Write down the IMEI number which appears. 
In the second method, 
  • Turn off your cell phone. 
  • Remove the battery cover and battery as well.
  • Look for the IMEI inside the phone and copy it down. 

Locating the cell phone with using IMEI

In the first step, 

Contact to the police

This is the wisest of the reason to contact the police if your mobile is stolen. Next provide them with the IMEI number and then you must be able to track it down for you. 

If you don’t know then ask:-

If you have lost your mobile phone, then you can ask your provider for it by just giving them the IMEI number. 

Using the IMEI tracking app

There are a lot of models available. For that reason, it is necessary to enter your IMEI number and it can find your device. This is the one best for android and iPhones with the IMEI tracker. 

Getting the IMEI number on the android phone

Knowing the number is quite easy and the fastest way is to dial *#06#, which is command to make the unique ID appear. 

Another way for that is to navigate through the settings and then tap “about phone” and check the IMEI code for the android phone. In many phones it is seen that the IMEI number exists on the reverse side of the phone or underneath the removable battery. If your phone is lost then you can have it on the label. 

Locating the phone with the IMEI tracker

At first search for the “IMEI tracker” in Google play and then find “antitheft app and IMEI tracker all phone location” on your mobile. Do make sure that the phone is running on the android 4.4 or higher. Then start the installation of the app. 

After completing the installation, run the app. Then give permission that is asked by app for including contacts, calls, storage, SMS and location. In this case you need to track your phones and then all these permission will be necessary to activate the complete functionality. 

Next presses “continue” to move on and after watching some short commercials. You will be able to move to the next step. 

Input the IMEI number of your lost android phone, next check your input and tap “ track”. A small window with a list of places will appear. This is going to indicate the location and the close proximity of your mobile phone. 

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