Best File Manager App for Android

Best File Manager App for Android

Every humanoid phone comes with a default file manager app. File Manager apps are thought-about to be one among the foremost vital apps because it helps you manage cupboard space, access downloads and a lot of. If you don’t just like the default file manager of humanoid, you'll get one that you just love from Play Store.

ASUS File Manager

If you would like to manage your files quickly and during a systematic manner, then ASUS file manager is for you. This light-weight app permits you to chop, copy, move, save or delete files simply. It not solely manages the information on your device and Coyote State card however conjointly manages the information on cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, ASUS WebStorage and a lot of. It permits you to compress files to arrange them with efficiency on the device. It classes the files consistent with the file sort like pictures, videos, audio, downloads, and more. Additionally, too, it conjointly has disk tools like recycle bin, storage instrument and a lot of.

Features on it

There are plenty of file managers out there, however, 2 options build ASUS stand out from the remainder. Here's a fast breakdown of the app and its options. Folks used such a large amount of file managers on the humanoid platform. A number of them return by the manner of pre-installation on a tool and a few from among the Google Play store. Most frequently the presence of the file manager tool makes it arduous to search out one that shines on top of the others.
So comes on ASUS File Manager. This explicit defy the tool offers up merely enough further options on not become bloatware and offers the user one among the simplest file manager interfaces we've got seen in for a while. It's elegant, easy, and powerful.


The installation of the ASUS File Manager is as straightforward as the other humanoid app. Here are the steps:
Open up the Google Play Store on your humanoid device
Look for ASUS File Manager
Find and faucet the entry by ZenUS, ASUS laptop INC
Faucet Install
Permit the installation to finish
Once the install finishes, you'll realize the launcher for the app on your home screen or in your App Drawer (or both)

Wireless file transfer

One of the simplest options designed into ASUS File Manager is that the Wireless files transfer. Do not let the name fool you, with this feature you're able to transfer files from your humanoid device and transfer thereto. However does one use this feature? Simple:
From the most window, faucet computer file transfer
Tap Start
Purpose one among your desktop browsers (it should get on a similar wireless network as your humanoid device) to the IP address and port given.
Transfer and transfer at your discretion.

Usage of ASUS

The first issue you'll notice concerning ASUS File Manager is that the most windows offer an easy breakdown of files. You will faucet on anybody of these classes and think about the associated files. That alone is definitely worth the (free) worth of admission. If your faucet on the Storage instrument, you get a lot of in-depth look into what's victimization storage on your device.

Hidden cabinet

Another feature you will find worthy is that the inherent file locker—called Hidden cupboard. You gain access to the present feature from the most windows. The primary time you utilize the Hidden cupboard, you'll be needed to line up a pin code. a faucet that button and practice the method of putting in the mandatory code. Once you have started the Hidden cupboard, you'll then return to the most window, find a file you would like to feature to the Hidden cupboard, long press that file to pick it, faucet the menu button (three dots within the higher right corner), so faucet Move to Hidden cupboard.


Outside of these outstanding options, ASUS File Manager wills an excellent job of merely permitting you to look at and manage your files. With the addition of the on top of options, ASUS File Manager simply bests the competition. If you are looking for a file manager that goes on top of and on the far side, provide this one a go.

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